About the Centre

At Place Cartier Adult Education Centre, we’re passionate about the education of all our students. We strive to make learning a positive experience and our focus is on encouragement, support and preparedness.

We serve a large population of students, aged 16 to 80, at two campuses on the West Island. A visit to either location reveals a widely diverse and multi-cultural student body.   These dynamics contribute to a rich and vibrant community. Our caring staff makes sure that all of our students feel welcome.

Students attend Place Cartier for a variety of reasons that include completing social integration programming, working towards a High School Diploma, learning French and English conversation,   finishing pre-requisites for career training programs or obtaining the necessary credits to enroll at CEGEP or University.   We want our students to be successful. We provide the skills, information and guidance as they go through our programs and we enthusiastically celebrate their achievements.

Student life plays a big role at Place Cartier. Our staff and students are community minded and socially aware. They organize, and participate in, many events and activities throughout the year.   That gives us our strong character and unique personality.

Our doors are always open to students who need guidance or are ready to resume their studies and pursue their dreams.



Failing three times from elementary to high school, learning was SO difficult. By far one of the most difficult times in my life. Cartier was a turning point, allowing me to learn on my terms. It gave me the confidence to start building something.



One word I would use to describe Place Cartier would be ‘home’. It’s a family of committed, well-educated, and most importantly, down-to-earth teachers, who stopped at nothing to ensure my success. I’m sure that any new student will be amazed at the Place Cartier experience. It’s like no other.



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Programs Available At This Centre

  • Exclusive Student Services at Place Cartier
  • CEGEP and University Readiness
  • Career Program Readiness
  • High School Diploma
  • Special Needs Programs